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No more leaves in your gutters! Guaranteed!

Gutter Cleaning

If you have open rain gutters, they should be cleaned at least twice a year, in the Spring after trees bud dropping seed pods and in the fall after they drop acorns and their leaves. Depending on conditions where you live an additional cleaning or two may also be necessary. If you have a low-sloped roof, maintenance may be required on your roof due to debris falling on it. A simple cleaning with a broom or blower is all that is necessary. Loose debris accumulating on your roof is a fire hazard and is extremely bad for the roof, causing accelerated wear and backing water up under the shingles. Cleaning out your gutters and brushing debris from your roof, though an important task, is not an easy one. Climbing and moving ladders and working several feet off the ground can be dangerous. It requires strength and agility to maintain your personal safety, as well as climbing protection systems or devices. Leaf Shield has the experience and equipment to maintain your roof and gutters completely to ensure you get the maximum life out of your home gutters or commercial gutters. Gutter Guards or Leaf Shields If you would like to avoid the annual expense of gutter cleaning we have a solution that will give you a permanent fix. Leaf Shield’s™ unique design is based on the scientific principle of liquid adhesion. As water flows over the Leaf Shield™ the molecular attraction between the metal and the water causes the water to cling to the surface and follow the bends around the nose of the Leaf Shield™ allowing it to drain into the gutters. At the same time, leaves, pine needles, and other debris fall to the ground.
Gutter cleaning